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A lunch roundtable discussion is an opportunity to enjoy food, fellowship and a conversation with colleagues about a statistical concept or related topic in practice while eating lunch. These lunches also provide a great chance to interact and to network with your colleagues.

Logistical details for the lunch roundtable:
1) Roundtable discussions will take place in room 206, organized by general theme/topic on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the WSC.
2) Each table will accommodate 7 to 10 participants.
3) Lunches will be available for all attendees at a cost of 15 Euro. Tickets for these events can be purchased during registration for the WSC. Regular and vegetarian meals are available.
4) During the registration process, participants will be prompted to select specific discussion tables of interest.

The following is a list of the lunch roundtable discussion (LRTD) topics and their leaders (click on the code for more information about each roundtable - those in red are already fully booked):

Number  Date Title Discussion Leader
LRTD01 Monday, 27 Statistical Sciences in the Era of Big Data Paulo Rodrigues; David Banks
LRTD02 Monday, 27 What Statistics says about how the peoples in rural areas in the middle of Amazonia's heart live (Pará and Amazonas States) Wellington Pereira
LRTD03 Monday, 27 Urban/rural classifications - can we do better? Peter Wingfield-Digby
LRTD04 Monday, 27 How young statisticians associations help in raising statistical awareness, empowering and qualifying young statisticians to lead the statistical work in the future Mahmoud ElSarawy
LRTD05 Monday, 27 Assessment Methodology for Rare and Endangered Plant/Animal Species and its Improvement Paul Smith
LRTD06 Tuesday, 28 Statistics, Machine Learning & Big Data Genevera Allen; Daniela Cocchi
LRTD07 Tuesday, 28 IAOS2016 conference entitled "The Spirit of Official Statistics: Partnership and Continuous Innovation" Wesley Young
LRTD08 Tuesday, 28 Statistics from gender perspective for overall development and wellbeing Andrea Diniz da Silva
LRTD09 Tuesday, 28 What do we do about the 'literacy' in statistical literacy, at the college level? Iddo Gal
LRTD10 Wednesday, 29 Bayes and Big Data Steven Scott
LRTD11 Wednesday, 29 Communication strategies for statistical information: A common interest of national and international producers of statistics Matthias Rumpf, Per Nymand-Andersen
LRTD12 Wednesday, 29 Statistical National System, public programs management and statistical production based on administrative registers. Yucatán study case. Federico Segui
LRTD13 Wednesday, 29 Good practices in teaching statistics Pavlina Jordanova
LRTD14 Thursday, 30 The Role of Statistics in the Big Data Era of Genomic and Epigenomic Research Shili Lin
LRTD15 Thursday, 30 Agriculture Data Collection and Use: How to benefit farmers? Chanchal Pramanik
LRTD16 Thursday, 30 National Statistical Offices' productivity Alicia Bercovich
LRTD17 Thursday, 30 Building Partnership between Statistical Consultants and Industries Petteri Baer
LRTD18 Friday, 31 Judiciary intrusions in the production of official statistics Jean-Louis Bodin
LRTD19 Friday, 31 Preparing students for the workforce: constructing and implementing meaningful data practicum capstone experiences for students John Bailer

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